Saturday, February 28, 2009


Digital Logic and Computer Design: M. Morris Man 2nd Edition


ISBN-10: 013140539X
ISBN-13: 978-0131405394

Author morris mano explains digital logic in most comprehensive way. Although the book is not user friendly author had covered enough topics to make it as standard text in colleges..
PS: The link is of second edition I have found and is scanned(I just say its readable)

Topics Covered:

Combinational Logic Design
Sequential Circuits
Registers and Counters
Memory and Programmable Logic Devices
Register Transfers and Datapaths
Sequencing and Control
Instruction Set Architecture
Central Processing Unit Designs
Input-Output and Communication
Memory Systems

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ankit Fadia Ebooks Collection


About the Author

Ankit Fadia is an Indian computer security consultant based in Silicon Valley, USA. He has authored several books on computer security. Fadia is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University

Fadia was educated at Delhi Public School. He started a website called "HackingTruths", which he claims was judged as the "second best hacking site in the world by the FBI". He claims that when he was 14, he trashed the front page of an Indian magazine’s website. He then sent an e-mail to the editor confessing to the hack, suggesting counter measures. At 15, his book on Ethical Hacking made him the youngest author to be published by Macmillan India.

Dos Attacked
FTP Exploits By Ankit Fadia
Batch File Programming - Ankit Fadia
Untold Windows Tips And Secrets (Ankit Fadia)
Fadia, Ankit - Encryption Algorithms Explained
Tracing IP DND who is Lookup
Defacing Websites A Step By Step Process By Ankit Fadia Hacking Truths_ FTP Exploits
Truths!!!--What they Don’t teach in Manuals!!!



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Codebreakers: The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet


  • ISBN-10: 0684831309
  • ISBN-13: 978-0684831305

  • Few false ideas have more firmly gripped the minds of so many intelligent men than the one that, if they just tried, they could invent a cipher that no one could break," writes David Kahn in this massive (almost 1,200 pages) volume. Most of The Codebreakers focuses on the 20th century, especially World War II. But its reach is long. Kahn traces cryptology’s origins to the advent of writing. It seems that as soon as people learned how to record their thoughts, they tried to figure out ways of keeping them hidden. Kahn covers everything from the theory of ciphering to the search for "messages" from outer space. He concludes with a few thoughts about encryption on the Internet.

    This book is not intended to teach the reader how to design or cryptanalyze codes and ciphers; it is a history book, and a really great one. However, the reader should be aware of a couple of things that may not be apparent.


    Monday, July 23, 2007

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams COLLECTION HHGTTG H2G2


    In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (published in 1979), the characters visit the legendary planet Magrathea, home to the now-collapsed planet building industry, and meet Slartibartfast, a planetary coastline designer who was responsible for the fjords of Norway. Through archival recordings, he relates the story of a race of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings who built a computer named Deep Thought to calculate the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. When the answer was revealed as 42, they were forced to build a more powerful computer to work out what the Ultimate Question actually was, but their plans never come to fruition. (Later on, referencing this, Adams would create a puzzle which could be approached in multiple ways, all yielding the answer 42

    Book 1

    All 5 collection as torrent

    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Eragon and Eldest - Christopher Paolini Novels

    Inheritance Trilogy Book 1-2


    200px-EragonEragon is a novel written by Christopher Paolini. It is the first book of the planned Inheritance Trilogy. The sequel is Eldest, which was released in mid-2005. The third book has not yet been published and the title has not yet been confirmed. Eragon is set in the land of Alagaësia and is a story about a farm boy named Eragon and his dragon, Saphira.



    Eldest is the second book in the planned Inheritance trilogy by Christopher Paolini. It is the sequel to Eragon. Eldest was first published in hardcover on August 23, 2005, and was released in paperback in September 2006 . Eldest has also been released in audiobook and ebook formats. Like Eragon, Eldest became a New York Times bestseller.

    The story follows the continued adventures of Eragon and his dragon Saphira, centering around their journey to the realm of the Elves in order to further Eragon’s training as a Dragon Rider

    Indian Hindi Comics


    Check out excellent the Indian Comics Collection (In Hindi)

    Am no longer reading this but it reminds me of my childhood.

    Few of characters are...

    Nagraj ("Snake-King") is an Indian comic book character from Raj Comics and is considered to be their flagship character. Created in the late 1980’s, Nagraj was originally conceived as an enemy of international terrorism. Interestingly, in the first comic itself, he was being leased as the international terrorists’ weapon by Professor Nagmani.

    Super Commando Dhruva character was created by cartoonist and writer Anupam Sinha. He wrote Dhruva’s initial comics and made the fictional character popular. Anupam Sinha’s interesting Dhruva series has all the ingredients of modern day pot boiler, involving suspense, science fiction and Dhruva’ agility and wisdom.

    Chacha Chaudhary is a middle class Indian, frail but extremely intelligent old man. The word chacha means ’uncle’ in Hindi. He always wears his red turban, which is his trademark and holds a stick in hand. His company includes his wife Bini (Chachi), a faithful street dog called Rocket and a giant called Sabu. Chacha Chaudhary also features as a guest in another Diamond Comics with Billoo and Pinki. Chacha is seen in waistcoat which has a double inside pocket. He has a ’gandhi watch’ to see time and enjoys eating watermelon with relish. Whenever Chachi nags him he takes off for a walk with Sabu and Rocket.

    Collection includes:

    Nagraj Dhruva Bankelal Bhokal Doga Kobi aur Bhedia Tausi Parmanu

    Chacha Chaudhry Angara Fighter Tauds Ram rahim Shakti Phantom

    Hawaldar Bahadur Anthony Gamraj Horror Allin one collections

    It is so big that all link are not given here:

    Find it in excel sheet--->search your link from excel sheet<---Comics in Hindi only

    Note about cbr extension rename it to rar and extract

    Or find in Esnip folder--->By Purvesh Thanks for Collection

    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    How Would You Move Mount Fuji? Microsoft's Cult of the Puzzle - How the World's Smartest Company Selects the Most Creative Thinkers


    ISBN: 0316778494
    Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
    Publication Date: 2004-04-02
    Number Of Pages: 288

    Microsoft’s interview process is a notoriously gruelling sequence of brain-busting questions that separate the most creative thinkers from the merely brilliant. So effective is their technique that other leading corporations - from the high-tech industry to consulting and financial services - are modelling their own hiring practices on Bill Gates’ unique approach. HOW WOULD YOU MOVE MOUNT FUJI? reveals for the first time more than 35 of Microsoft’s puzzles and riddles, such as: Why does a mirror reverse right and left but not up and down? If you could eliminate one U.S. state, which would it be? How many piano tuners are there in the world? And for the first time, this book supplies answers and approaches using creative analytical thinking that works. Anyone in business, and everyone who wants to be, will find this book a valuable new approach to hiring, identifying talent in an organization, and getting the job of a lifetime.

    The Adventures of Tintin : Tintin ebooks collection


    The Adventures of Tintin (French: Les Aventures de Tintin) is a series of Belgian comic books created by Belgian artist Hergé, the pen name of Georges Remi (1907–1983). Remi’s pen name Hergé came from transposing his initials "R-G", which sounds like "Hergé" in French). The series first appeared in French in a children’s supplement to the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle on January 10, 1929. Set in a painstakingly researched world closely mirroring our own, The Adventures of Tintin presents a number of characters in distinctive settings. The series has continued as a favourite of readers and critics alike for over 70 years.

    Courtesy of Wikipedia: The adventures of TinTin:

    Replace hxxp by http

    Tintin Comics

    (1) Land of soviets


    (2) Tintin in congo


    (3) Tintin in America


    (4) Cigars Of Pharoah


    (5) The Blue Lotus


    (6) The Broken Ear


    (7) The Black Island


    (8 ) King_ottokar’s sceptre


    (9) The crab with the golden claws


    (10) The shooting star


    (11) The secret of the unicorn


    (12) Tintin and the Red Rackhams_Treasure


    (13)Tintin and the Seven Crystal Balls


    (14) Prisoners of the sun


    (15) Land of black gold


    (16) Destination moon


    (17) Explorers on the moon


    (18 ) The calculus affair


    (19) The red sea sharks


    (20) Tintin in tibet


    (21) The castafiore emerald


    (22) Tintin and the Flight_714


    (23) Tintin and the picaros


    (24) Tintin and the alphart


    (25) Lake of sharks



    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Genuine Leaked on Bit Torrent


    Released on July 21, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the most anticipated book of 2007, marks the seventh and final book in J.K. Rowling’s magical Harry Potter series. In an announcement from the book’s publisher, Lisa Holton, president of Scholastic Children’s Books, said, "We join J.K. Rowling’s millions of readers--young and old, veterans and newcomers--in anticipating what lies ahead."

    ISBN-10: 0545010225

    ISBN-13: 978-0545010221

    There are total 397 pages in jpeg format quality is not good
    U will need utorrent to download get it here
    How to get jpeg ebook

    • Goto

    • Search for "Deathly Hallows" like harry potter

    • I am not giving link here as more and more torrent are getting disabled but any one who needs help will google for "torrentspy" password must be in comment

    Size is 73 MB

    We are not in any way related with torrent upload Please buy the book . REspect the copyright, This post and all post in blog are just for information. No book is stored on blogger server
    Someone has uploaded text

    Pdf format

    JPEG format

    Nora Roberts Ebooks Collection Free

    nora_roberts_H06_1 Nora Roberts (b. October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland as Eleanor Marie Robertson), is a bestselling American author of more than one hundred fifty romance novels. She was the first author to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame. She writes suspense novels as J.D. Robb, and has written romance novels under the pseudonyms Sarah Hardesty and Jill March.

    Download Nora Roberts’s novels for free!!!

    A Matter of Choice
    All the Possibilities


    Angels Fall
    Best Laid Plans
    Black Rose
    Blue Dahlia

    Blue Smoke
    Born in Fire
    Born in Ice
    Born in Shame
    Brazen Virtue
    Captive Star

    Carnal Innocence
    Carolina Moon
    Chesapeake Blue
    Considering Kate
    Convincing Alex
    Dance of Dreams

    Dance of the Gods
    Dance to the Piper
    Dance Upon the Air
    Divine Evil
    Face the Fire

    Falling for Rachel
    Finding the Dream
    For Now, Forever
    Heart of the Sea
    Heaven and Earth
    Hidden Riches

    Hidden Star
    Holding the Dream
    Honest Illusions
    In From the Cold
    Inner Harbor

    Irish Rebel
    Jewels of the Sun
    Key of Knowledge
    Key of Light
    Key of Valor

    Naveen Jul 17(1 day ago)

    Luring a Lady
    Morrigan’s Cross
    Night Shadows
    Night Shield
    Night Shift
    Night Smoke

    Once More With Feeling
    One Man’s Art
    Playing the Odds
    Public Secrets

    Red Lily
    Reflections and dreams
    Rising Tides
    Sacred Sins
    Sea Swept

    Secret Star
    Serena and Caine: The MacGregors
    Skin Deep
    Taming Natasha
    Tears of the Moon
    Tempting Fate

    The Fall of Shane MacKade
    The Heart of Devin MacKade
    The Last Honest Woman
    The MacGregor Brides
    The MacGregor Grooms
    The MacGregors: Alan ~ Grant

    The MacGregors: Daniel ~ Ian
    The Perfect Neighbor
    The Quinn’s Christmas
    The Stanislaski Brothers
    The Villa
    The Winning Hand

    Time and Again
    True Betrayals
    Valley of Silence
    Waiting for Nick
    Winter Rose
    Without a Trace

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Communications Systems by Simon Haykin Book & Solution Manual


    ISBN-10: 0471178691
    ISBN-13: 978-0471178699

    Book Description
    This best-selling, easy to read, communication systems book has been extensively revised to include an exhaustive treatment of digital communications. Throughout, it emphasizes the statistical underpinnings of communication theory in a complete and detailed manner.

    Book Info
    Guides students through topics ranging from pulse modulation to passband digital transmission, and from random processes to error-control coding. Dozens of examples that relate to real-world communication systems. For undergraduates. DLC: Telecommunication.

    Not at rapidshare

    The Book:


    Download from esnips

    Solution Manual:

    Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms and Applications, 3rd Edition Book and Solution Manual


    This book is the one that is quite accessible both to the beginner as well as the professional. If you had a strong background in Signals and Systems, Proakis will take you through a mathematical tour of DSP. With plenty of examples you would find this book a lot easier than Oppeinheim’s. The best of the breed is Stanley’s Digital Signal Processing. Since this book is now out of print , the one by Proakis will come a close second.

    A lot of examples make this bulkiest of the DSP books, however. For the new comer Richard Lyon’s and Steve Smith’s book will help them to understand this book well. And don’t forget the Matlab series book authored by Proakis. it is the best to learn DSP through Matlab- no doubt about it.

    ISBN-10: 0133737624
    ISBN-13: 978-0133737622

    Book : Solutions:

    Solutions Manual for Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems Third Edition


    ISBN-10: 0030309921
    ISBN-13: 978-0030309922

    "Elegantly written. Theories on Fourier transform and signal space are well presented. One of the best books for electrical engineering students and engineers."--Julian Cheung, New York Institute of Technology

    "A textbook that focuses on giving students an intuitive understanding of communication systems as well as the theoretical knowledge. The book is well written so that I can cover additional material in class and allow the book’s explanation of certain topics to stand on its own." --Lisa Osackiw, Syracuse University

    "I liked this book simply for its simplicity of instruction, easy to understand, and its comprehensive material. The book covers a wide range of information related to communication, including how communication systems work and how they perform in the presence of noise." --Ibraheem Kateeb, Guilford Tech

    "Excellent explanation! Super text for beginners!" --Donald M. Wiberg, University of California, Santa Cruz


    Monday, July 16, 2007

    Mitchell Margaret - Gone With the Wind


    Sometimes only remembered for the epic motion picture and "Frankly ... I don’t give a damn," Gone with the Wind was initially a compelling and entertaining novel. It was the sweeping story of tangled passions and the rare courage of a group of people in Atlanta during the time of Civil War that brought those cinematic scenes to life. The reason the movie became so popular was the strength of its characters--Scarlett O’Hara, Rhett Butler, and Ashley Wilkes--all created here by the deft hand of Margaret Mitchell, in this, her first novel.

    The New York Times Book Review

    This is beyond a doubt one of the most remarkable first novels produced by an American writer. It is also one of the best.

    Deception Point- Dan Brown


    "The main character, a high-level briefer for the National Reconnaissance Office, is called upon by the President to investigate an incredible finding of extraterrestial life by NASA, on a remote glacier near Greenland. When she arrives, she teams up with a group of scientists and engineers to prove the validity of the sample. However, they are ambushed and pursued by Delta Force, members of NASA, and most incredibly... an extremely high-level government member is the mastermind behind it." 4 in 1

    Digital Fortress - Dan Brown


    "Susan is one of the top Code breakers at the NSA. She monitors the use of the code breaking machine that can break all codes in less than 3 hrs and is used by all forms of US intelligance. She is called in when a program is still running after 12+ hrs. At the same time her fiance is sent to Spain to try and locate the "key" to stopping the release of a code program that will allow the NSA to break codes that Digital Fortress (the encrypting program) is used to protect. In Spain it becomes clear that someone is out to keep the key safe as people who have come in contact with it are killed.
    The story follows the progress to not only figuring out who has planted the code but how to keep it from letting the world into the NSA files." 4 in 1

    Angels and Demons Dan-Brown


    "In this prequel to "The Da Vinci Code", Mr. Langdon attempts to discover the killer of a prominent physicist who was looking to prove that science and religion are intermingled. He crosses paths with the Vatican, along with the Swiss Guard, but the most surprising and unexpected twist occurs at the end, when the real murderer is discovered."
    Eugene Kim, Resident Scholar 4 in 1

    The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown


    "A very mysterious death takes place in the Louvre. A curator apparently is murdered, but in the few minutes available to him before he actually succumbs to his death, he manages to make certain arrangements which provide clues as to his murderer(s) - by positioning himself a certain way and scribbling puzzling words. A renowned academic is summoned to the Louvre to make sense of the crime scene, but soon finds himself framed for the murder. Joined by a French government employee who is revaled to have a relationship to the victim, he starts a suspenseful flight from the authorities, moving from various locations of France to England and beyond. All the time he tries to make sense of a puzzle, which is something of universal significance to religion and humanity in general." 4 in 1

    Sidney Sheldon Novels Collection


    About Sidney Sheldon

    Best known today for his exciting blockbuster novels, Sidney Sheldon is the author of The Best Laid Plans, Nothing Lasts Forever, The Stars Shine Down, The Doomsday Conspiracy, Memories of Midnight, The Sands of Time, Windmills of the Gods, If Tomorrow Comes, Master of the Game, Rage of Angels, Bloodline, A Stranger in the Mirror, and The Other Side of Midnight. Almost all have been number-one international bestsellers. His first book, The N@ked Face, was acclaimed by the New York Times as "the best first mystery of the year" and received an Edgar Award. Most of his novels have become major feature films or TV miniseries, and there are more than 275 million copies of his books in print throughout the world.

    Sydney Sheldon Collection - 1

    Sydney Sheldon Collection - 2

    Sydney Sheldon Collection - 3

    External Links:

    Review of Books

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Principles of Digital Communication System and Computer Networks (Electrical and Computer Engineering Series) K. V. Prasad


    ISBN-10: 1584503297
    ISBN-13: 978-1584503293

    Book Description

    Principles of Digital Communication Systems & Computer Networks is designed as a textbook for digital communication systems, data communication and computer networks, and mobile computing. Part I deals with key topics such as information theory, transmission media, coding, error correction, multiplexing, multiple access, carrier modulation, PSTN, and radio communication. Part II goes on to cover the networking concepts, the ISO/OSI protocol architecture, Ethernet LAN, X.25 protocol, and TCP/IP protocol. Finally, Part III covers mobile computing, including radio paging, cellular mobile, GPS, CTI, unified messaging, and multimedia communication. Helpful summaries, lists of supplementary information, references, and exercises at the end of each chapter make the book a comprehensive resource for anyone pursuing a career in telecommunications and data communication.

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